Last edited 16 Jan 2018

Utility Protection


[edit] Stylite EPS Geofill Applications - Utility Protection

Geofill Utility Protection.jpg

[edit] Engineering designs often call for the placement of new fill over existing underground structures that were not designed to support the increased loads.

Rather than removing or strengthening the existing underground structures, the new fill load can be reduced to a tolerable level by using EPS Geofill instead of heavier traditional fills.

[edit] EPS being installed over an existing culvert to allow road widening.


[edit] Key Benefits of EPS Geofill

• Lightweight compared to other fills

• High compressive strength

• Easy to install and cut on-site

• Lower overall cost of construction

• Reduced loads on underlying ground

• Reduced construction programmes

• Available in standard or bespoke blocks

• Minimal water absorption & permeability

• Resistant to rot & durable

• 100% recyclable

• No HFC’s, CFC’s or HCFC’s

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