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I am an Architecture & Planning undergraduate student with a history in design, build & construction. After starting as a roofer, I have progressed into architectural firms before venturing on to acquire my. I have a strong interest in future sustainable energy solutions and the provision of smart designs focused upon both the social and environmental wellbeing of all users. Currently I am conducting my own private research into the application of Microbial Fuel Cells into existing infrastructure, with a view to its potential viability into future sustainable developments from a grass roots perspective. This may also give route to the development of intelligent environmental economic framework strategies via legal requirements set around taxation on polluters.

My design idea for Make Buildings Better is designed around the practice of “Environmental Economics & Design” through the application of pragmatic & innovative architectural design solutions. Rather than just a product, and much closer to that of a service, the aim is to develop a series of ‘systems’ that act as basis for an economically focused framework. This will eventually lead to the development of a series of environmentally conscious products that will assist in the servicing of both existing and predicted infrastructural demands as we travel further into a new era of human led change. One of the most important elements is the collaborative relationship between all contributing factors, but my preliminary solution is directed towards the application of Microbial Fuel Cells into small scale sewage works & grass roots led waste retrieval systems. In order to connect the intake of a common households to their outgoing waste factors, MBFC's can create sustainable streams of electricity and hydrogen sources, but they currently seem to be stalling as to where their applications might possibly be best suited. Feasibility studies into closed loop resource systems will provide a more viable basis for future investments, with my design intentions focusing upon a new types of cladding and SIPS panels. Aimed at the retrofitting of existing buildings in order to provide a new way of building, the intention is to simultaneously providing a clean renewable source of natural and renewable resources.


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