Last edited 08 Feb 2018

The need for competent surveyors

Selecting a competent surveyor is no easy process yet this is very much key as a means to ensuring a project is able to run smoothly.

Surveyors must be competent. Surveys can be carried out by inhouse personnel or a third party. In each case, the surveyor must be competent to carry out the work required. This means that the dutyholder needs to make reasonable enquiries as to whether the organisation or individual is technically competent to carry out the necessary and most key surveying works in the process as a whole.

When selecting an asbestos surveyor to carry out a survey it is important the surveyor must be competent to carry out the work required.

To be competent, the ‘surveyor’ must:

  • have sufficient training, qualifications, knowledge, experience and ability to carry out their duties in relation to the survey and to recognise their limitations;
  • have sufficient knowledge of the specific tasks to be undertaken and the risks which the work will entail;
  • be able to demonstrate independence, impartiality and integrity;
  • have an adequate quality management system; and
  • carry out the survey in accordance with recommended guidance ( HSG264 Asbestos: The Survey Guide).

HSE (Health and Safety Executive) strongly recommends the use of accredited or certificated surveyors for asbestos surveys.

The survey will usually involve sampling and analysis to determine the presence of asbestos so asbestos surveys should only be carried out by competent surveyors who are able to in hand clearly demonstrate they have the necessary skills, experience and qualifications.

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