Last edited 24 Jan 2017

Priority list of articles needed

Contractor’s control and monitoring systems

Contractor’s working schedule

Conversion (of material volumes).

Damage caused by or to construction works.

Development manager.

End of life potential.

Measurement and Cost

Measurement of existing buildings

Metal profiled cladding

Metal sheet / strip cladding (lead, aluminium, copper, zinc, stainless steel)

Metal single lap roof tiling

National Joint Council for the Engineering and Construction Industry.

Natural slating

Natural stone slab cladding

Payments to nominated sub-contractors or nominated suppliers.

Performance management plan

Plant acquisition

Plastics profiled sheet cladding

Pre and post-contract financial planning and management

Precast concrete and glass lens lights

Precast concrete panel cladding

Professional practice

Progress of construction works (regular and diligent)

Project monitoring.

Project-based funding

Property rights.

Quality of construction works.

Relationship-based project procurement

Resident engineer (expand on existing paragraph)

Resource management.

Safety audits.

Service level specification.

Smart contracts.

Speculative construction.

Standard hatching styles for drawings (see also Symbols on architectural drawings)

Statutory site registers

Structural modelling

Sustainable procurement

Testing construction materials for standards and quality

Thatch roofing

The architects act

The building as a climatic modifier

Third party accreditation

Time management of construction projects

Total quality management

Trade formean

Warranty (look at guarantee and mention collateral warranties)