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Passivehaus Foundation Insulation - Case Study

Project: Residential New Build Housing

Location: Lanark, South Lanarkshire, Scotland

Sector: Civil Engineering

System: Stylite Passivehaus Foundation Insulation

Size: 250m2


[edit] Problems

The UK construction industry is currently facing two major challenges, firstly the Building Regulations are tightening, requiring more energy-efficient buildings, and targeting zero carbon new homes. Whilst many conventional buildings designed and built in the past few years are demonstrating a performance gap (poor performance compared to predictions) in terms of energy use, ventilation and thermal comfort. To add to these problems there are also rising energy costs and around 5.5 million households in the UK are currently living in fuel poverty.

[edit] Client requirement

A well known local building contractor wanted to build two show homes to demonstrate their construction skills and alternative modern methods of construction. They wanted to build homes that were to Passivehaus standards in order to future proof them from any changes to Building Regulation thermal requirements and to minimise energy usage throughout the life of the buildings.

[edit] Design solution

The Stylite Passivehaus Foundation Insulation system was introduced to the client, who quickly saw the benefits it offered. SPI worked closely with the client to specify and design the foundations to be fully compatible with a Structural Insulated Panel (SIPS) wall system which also incorporated Stylite Plustherm insulation.

Passivehaus detail full.jpg

The Stylite Passivehaus Foundation system comprises lightweight Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) units contour cut off-site and delivered to site ready to lay. “L” shaped high density units are positioned around the perimeter whilst flat EPS boards are used to complete the first layer. A second layer of EPS boards are then laid in a break bonded pattern to create a channel ready for the concrete to be poured in.

Passivehaus Foundation Insulation.jpg

[edit] Benefits

The Stylite Passivehaus Foundation system offered the following key benefits to our client:

[edit] Results

Having an insulated foundation system meant that any cold bridging at the ground and wall junction was eliminated whilst the super low U-value of 0.010 W/m2K met the clients requirements to future proof the homes. The holistic design solution met the Passivehaus standards demonstrating the homes also have reduced energy usage and low energy bills.

Brian Monaghan, SPI National Sales Manager said; “Our clients vision to build two homes to the Passivehaus standards has been made possible by the use of some innovative products such as the Stylite Passivehaus Foundation system. Our design team worked hard to provide a great solution, and once on site it proved to be very quick and easy to install.”

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