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Making it a Great Move! Know-How to Live in Dubai

Dubai is one of the developed and modern emirates of the United Arab Emirates. Everyone wants to visit this admirable city once in a lifetime. Although this city welcomes millions of tourists and visitors every year. They are attracted to the city of gold because of its high-rise buildings, awful shopping malls, skyscrapers, amazing beaches and deserts, thrilling and adventurous activities, and many more.

Dubai has ultra-modern living and an elegant lifestyle including branded and expensive cars, luxury apartments and resorts, and other things. Lucky are those who are enjoying this luxurious life as a resident of this city. However, deciding to move towards this city is always worth it. You can experience the lavish life of Dubai with your family along with some business or extraordinary jobs. As this city also has a lot of job opportunities for anyone. But before moving towards the city several are the things that you should keep in your mind. And you also know how to live in Dubai.

Here we are going to mention some of the most important things that you should know before moving to Dubai. Also, contact any professional car rental Dubai company to rent or lease a car.


[edit] Dubai is an expensive place to live.

The cost of living in Dubai is very high as most people do not realize it. Different rents, bills, and groceries can amount to surprisingly huge money. Therefore, it is important not to be deprived of sight by a high salary figure. Because it may all be spent on essential bills. People who are moving to Dubai think that soon they will be driving a BMW or Lamborghini, and sipping alcohol daily, but that’s not the reality. If you have a plan to move to Dubai you should convert some of your amounts into Emarati dirhams.

[edit] Weekends are on Friday and Saturday

The United Arab Emirates is an Islamic country where Friday is off for all types of work. As Friday is a Holy Day in Islam and it is forbidden in this religion to do work especially during the hours of Jummah Prayer. So, here the weekends start on Friday and last till Saturday. And the working week may start on Sunday. It normally takes you a little to get used to at first, but then after a few weeks, you will certainly learn to embrace it. Thank God it's Thursday.

[edit] Must follow the rules of the country

You should always follow the rules of the UAE and Dubai if you want yourself out of trouble. These rules may sometimes seem strange, like public displays of affection being out of the law, but they are a part of life in Dubai. And breaking them may lead you to jail or deportation. Always stay on the right side of the law and avoid being intoxicated in public. Eating and drinking in public places like metro buses or stations are highly forbidden, and make sure you are not going to buy fake goods and not clicking snaps of strangers.

[edit] It’s Lady night every Tuesday

It is exciting and good news for the females arriving in the city who like to party and nightclubs. Almost every bar and club in the city of gold has Ladies Night, especially on Tuesday. These bars and clubs offer you free drinks and a huge discount on food. Some other places have ladies night on some other days of the week to make sure that the party keeps going on every single day of the week. In some cases, gents are allowed to come along with females but they will be stuck with full-priced experience.

[edit] Prepare yourself for the Heat

Dubai is an extremely hot city due to the presence of various desserts around it. Those who are planning to move towards this city may hear how hot this city is, but one can’t understand until he visits or moves here permanently. During the summer season, the average temperature is 40 degrees, and the humidity often reaches over 90%. This temperature and high humidity make the weather harsh and unbearable for some people because it feels like you are inside an oven. But there are many ways in the city to cope with heat like there are ACs in every building even at bus stops.

[edit] Heavy Traffic

You are in the city that is continuously creating, innovating, and competing to construct the next skyscraper, there are a lot of loads of roadworks going on. Moreover, Dubai Metro has only two lines, which means that the metro does not have access to all parts of the city. Renting a car has also become so common in Dubai because it is very budget-friendly. So everyone in the city has his own car and there is just so much traffic on the roads. You will have to learn to come up with some strategies to avoid rushing hours.

[edit] Learn or Practise some Arabic

If you are moving to Dubai from elsewhere across the globe, you will never need to be fluent in Arabic. As everyone in the city speaks English and even in Dubai there are rare chances to speak Arabic. However, it is good for you to know some key phrases of the Arabic language. There are words that you will hear daily that are essential too. For example, if someone says “Yalla” it means he is asking everyone to hurry up.

Traveling in Dubai is a lot easier with your personal car. So, if you don’t want to buy a car, you can go for the rental solutions. Find out any cheap car rental Dubai agency and book the car for up to 6 months for a convenient traveling experience.

[edit] Summing Up

Some of the essential things are given above that you should keep in mind while moving to Dubai. You can make it a great move for you and your family because Dubai is worth living in. It is an incredible place with an extraordinary lifestyle that everyone can dream of.

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