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EPS Geofill - Road Construction


[edit] Stylite EPS Geofill Applications - Road Construction

Geofill Road Construction.jpg

[edit] Stylite EPS Geofill can be used for constructing heavy structures, like roads and road embankments to reduce the pressure on the underlying soils. EPS is a cost effective, reliable alternative to piled constructions.

The weight of traditional fill materials used to widen embankments can cause unacceptable stresses in the embankment. EPS offers a cost-effective lightweight solution which reduces the probability of further settlement.

The main consideration when constructing roads on poor load-bearing subsoil is that every load deforms the soft soil layers; and the greater the load, the greater the deformation. This deformation process continues over years, depending on the thickness of the soil layers. The use of EPS Geofill provides a subsidence free method of construction in poor subsoil conditions as practically no additional loads are applied to the substrate.

[edit] The photo below shows EPS being used to construct the foundations of a new section of road.

Road Construction.jpg

[edit] Key Benefits of EPS Geofill

• Lightweight compared to other fills

• High compressive strength

• Easy to install and cut on-site

• Lower overall cost of construction

• Reduced loads on underlying ground

• Reduced construction programmes

• Available in standard or bespoke blocks

• Minimal water absorption & permeability

• Resistant to rot & durable

• 100% recyclable

• No HFC’s, CFC’s or HCFC’s

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