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Concrete floor coatings

In performing a careful concrete floor coating review, it is important to look at all the offerings. Thus, one can pretend to look for one’s own business rather than perform a concrete floor coating review. Our first contender in this concrete floor coating review is a product known as epoxy paint.

Epoxy paint comes in a plethora of agreeable colors so that regardless of the color scheme you desire, you can pretty well match it. Basically, it is suggested that a high skid resistance most probably is not required and is not to be used where extreme mechanical abuse may be present. Generally, it is made of approximately 40% epoxy, though a few have a little less. What is important to realize here is that it will cause evaporative odors during its application. More important is that generally, two full coats of the product are recommended, and the curing time for each may run from perhaps 5 to a maximum of 7 hours. Generally, these are presented as DIY jobs, meaning Do It Yourself, and you will receive a warning that this kind of product is absolutely not to be utilized to fill any holes or cracks you may have in your existing concrete.

There are, of course, other epoxies available that may not leave any odor. Such a product will shrink during curing time. It offers more resistance than that above, but the Installer may use it to repair surface irregularities and even fill in cracks and holes. The obvious problem with such a product is that it too requires two coats to reach the proper thickness, and when the product receives the addition of quartz chips, labor time is greatly intensified. Also, the curing time for this kind of product is a whopping 12 to a maximum of 14 hours. Colour choices are exceedingly numerous.

Next on our list of concrete floor coating review is two-component aliphatic polyurethane concrete floor coatings. These can go further as far as their resistance to chemicals, high heat, high impacts, and heavy traffic is concerned. The main drawback of this sort of concrete floor coatings is that two coats are required once more, and each coat takes approximately 4 hours each to be completely dry and considered cured, but be careful. Some of them take up to 24 hours of drying time! While solvent-based floor coatings require extreme care during application due to having VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), polyurethane coatings have no VOCs.

We now come to Silikal, which has no VOCs whatsoever and can be fully cured within one hour of application. Thus there is no costly downtime, and it will last as long as the property is applied to without needing reinstallation ever. It comes in all imaginable colors, and in addition, it will retain its beauty close to forever. Also, it is totally non-porous, slip-resistant, safe & functional, and very hygienic.

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