Last edited 22 May 2018

6 Hazardous Construction Situations And Know How To Prevent Them

Thousands of accidents occur in the construction industry either due to inexperience or due to lack of preparation for the worst. There are many circumstances which can be avoided with simple solutions, but if not, then workers can face adverse consequences. Read on to know more about such situations and learn how to prevent them and stay healthy:


1. Chemical Exposure

Chemical exposure is a common phenomenon which most of the workers don’t even realise. It does not only happen when you are working with radioactive elements but is also very common in the construction industry because old buildings emit harmful substances like asbestos, which if consumed, can cause severe diseases like lung cancer. Apart from these emissions, workers are also exposed to the construction waste which is accumulated throughout the project. You may not even be aware of what kind of hazardous gases construction waste can emit.

2. Tools And Equipment

With the advent of technology, every industry is improving because the processes and equipment are getting improved every day. Same is the case with the construction industry. New tools and equipment are being introduced that have better safety features to avoid unnecessary work injuries but companies not always replace the old ones with new equipment which results in frequent workplace injuries. It may be a drilling machine or a crane; the size of the equipment does not matter; what matters are the consequences that may happen due to obsolete design or functions.

3. Working Amidst The Rubble

If you are working in old building and monuments, then apart from protecting yourself from the chemical exposure mentioned above, you also need to take care of the uneven grounds or untied poles & wires because slips and trips are very frequent in such situations. You may be tied with a harness while renovating the old tower, but even then you can slip and smash against a wall or worse, a pointy object and hurt yourself severely.

4. Irregular Shifts And Uninvoiced Work

Physical injuries are not the only accidents that can cause trouble, but psychological effects can also occur. Irregular shifts are the primary reason why workers fall ill frequently because their work is already exhausting and if they are asked to work for more hours than they can, then they might over-exhaust themselves and fall severely ill. Uninvoiced work means certain activities that you do which are not mentioned in your job description like helping with the design or debris pickup even when you are not certified to do so. Due to lack of experience and knowledge, you may hurt yourself or someone else in the vicinity.

5. Falling Debris

Isn’t it an expected accident? Quite the contrary, right? Renovating old buildings and monuments call out for such accidents because no matter how prepared you are for it, you can hurt yourself from falling debris because you never know what might fall from the top. This is not the case with every renovation project but is quite frequent in many of them.

6. Transportation Injuries

The construction industry is among those industries which depend mainly on the transportation industry because materials and other essential items are moved from one place to another for all construction projects; be it cranes, moulds or building material. Common transport injuries are vehicle accidents, falling items from the vehicle or getting hurt while loading or unloading the contents.

Prevention Tips

1. Request your seniors to invest in graded suits to prevent chemical exposure from old buildings

2. Ensure regular waste disposal to avoid chemical exposure from accumulated waste

3. Make sure your company invests in modern tools and equipment, and also help you learn the uses to prevent unwanted injuries and machinery failures

4. Use high-quality zip ties to hold the tangled wires and scattered poles together

5. Put up signs like “uneven ground” or “floor is wet” to avoid slips and trips

6. Don’t do any work which is not assigned to you and avoid working for extra hours to stay fit and healthy

7. Create a plan to prevent debris from falling on anyone and also stretch out safety nets where you find necessary.

8. Follow all transportation rules in your area, avoid loading and unloading heavy or sharp objects with bare hands and keep a distance from the vehicle when the forklift is loading or unloading the vehicle

Stay alert! Stay prepared! Stay fit and healthy! The mantra of avoiding construction accidents in three simple phrases!