Last edited 22 May 2018

4 easy ways to make your house look luxurious without extra expenditure

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Luxury is something that tempts everyone. Who would not want to have a luxurious house, having all the fancy facilities of a five-star hotel, to live in! We all are always stuck in awe of the house of our friend whose interiors are too impressive and end up thinking if we could have something similar for our house as well.

After a tiring day at home, no one would want to come back to a messed up house, with things misplaced and furniture stuffed inside in a haphazard manner. But when you have a house that is synonymous with beauty, has everything arranged perfectly, all the furniture is set at the right place, you would automatically feel refreshed and rejuvenated once you enter it!

Decorating a house is not just about expensive accessories and objects kept inside each room. There is much more to it. Also, it is not just in the reach of the rich and elite that their houses can and must look beautiful but you being a commoner are not entitled to such luxury. Even if you are low on budget, you can still decorate your house and make it look nowhere less than a five-star hotel with all the exquisite decorations and interiors.

Styling a place is about adding up some centerpieces, sticking to a theme and not overcrowding. Let us see some of the designing techniques that will give the home you have always wanted.

Decluttering - What is not in use must not be visible, plain and simple. The most important thing about making your house look luxurious is that it should look spacious. Before you begin with the interior decoration of the house, you must declutter​ your house. The things that are in a dilapidated condition, which are making the house look messy, and which are not in use must be dumped in a storeroom. Now, for instance, if you have a side table, instead of keeping a picture frame, a vase, another decorative piece and maybe something else also, you just need to keep one of these. It will make it look spacious and neat.

Coordinated curtains - Your drapes have a huge impact on the room and to the entire house. First and foremost, if you are following a specific color scheme or a design theme, then your curtains will have a big role to play. You must make sure that the curtains must fall the complete length of the room, that is from somewhere close to the ceiling till the floor. If the length is just covering the window, the effect which you are trying to create will be ceased. Your drapes make your room look more polished and add to the grandeur. It is actually the curtains, that define the color scheme you are following in the interior decorations.

Use Of Glass - Glass is a delicate item which, when used properly and wisely, can add the same delicacy and class in your home. There are a lot of ways to include glass in your property, for example, juliet balconies, glass canopies, glass balustrades, glass doors and what not. A glass inclusion in your house will give it a modern look if that is the theme you are following. Glass inclusions can be put up quite easily by hiring a firm that will help you do the same. One such firm is Sky Glass. The ultra-modern that a glass inclusion will bring in your house will elevate your home’s interior.

The Frames On The Wall- When you are putting up picture frames on the wall, make sure they all have the same color frames. Colour coordination is of utmost importance. If one frame is white, then all should be white. And if you are matting the frames, then make sure the color is same there too.