Last edited 19 Jul 2018

2018 UK construction projects: Transforming Britain in the best way possible

Britain is a home to many of the construction projects. It is the favourite destination for the Institution Of Civil Engineers in 2018. The face of Britain is going to transformed certainly with these projects. Last year, London got all sort of attention but this year, the rest of the UK will also see some of the magnificent changes in its infrastructures.

The best part about these projects is they will make way for ample of job opportunities for the civil engineers. This will also affect the local communities as the ICE will launch several projects which will be advantageous for the UK. This certainly means that several youngsters will participate in such a huge project for an amazing career ahead.

ICE, a government organization, has come up with the “This is Civil Engineering” campaign for the projects which will lead to job opportunities, making the youngsters aware of the several important construction aspects and many more. Have a look at some of their work that can make a difference.

  • Rainfall Will Not Affect Leeds Any More

Who can forget the year 2000 when Leeds was affected heavily by rainfall and there were chances of it getting flooded. After 15 years this issue is being raised by the ICE. It has come up with a solution and a program known as “Flood Alleviation Scheme”. It is a 45 million euros project which is going to protect the city from the flood with the help of movable weirs. This is the first time that the UK is using such a facility in order to save the city. It sounds amazing and locals of Leeds cannot wait for the project to get started.

The government authorities of UK are paying more attention to reduce the increasing pollution in Britain and moreover in all over the UK. To curb it, the civil engineers have come up with the concept of domestic railway lines in Britain. This way the locals will use the trains instead of their car which will definitely serve the purpose of curbing pollution in the city.

Talking about this project, 294 million euros will be invested in it. The connecting cities will be Edinburgh and Tweedbank. This is expected to be the longest railway connecting the cities for 100 years. It will be completed this summer and it will include 30 miles track. This will surely make better the local economy for sure.

If you have visited the coastlines of Brighton then you must know how famous it is for the tourists. The major problem that this city is facing is of the houses. One way to solve such an issue is the extension of the Marina village where the construction of the houses will take place on the reclaimed land. This project is facing lots of disputes currently.

  • A Huge Road Modernization Plan

The proposal to link Heysham (Lancashire) to the M6 link motorway started in the year 1948. This makes it one of the oldest construction projects of all times. In 2017, it again started with the thought of getting completed. This project includes 5 kilometres dual carriageway along with cycle path and footpath, motorway junction and many more.

  • Northern Ireland will see a new model hospital

The work on this project was started in 2017. Omagh Enhanced Local Hospital is a 105 million Euros project. The local authorities are hoping for the best here. They want all the kinds of services for its patients under a single roof. The local people will get huge benefits from this project for sure.

This excellent masterpiece will be a symbol of the fantastic structural engineering with its remarkable designs. It will be a long 1.7 miles structure which will be considered as the longest bridge of cables. It will be three-towered and is going to be a beautiful structure undoubtedly.

These building, bridges, structures etc will set different standards in the world of civil engineering. Stay Tuned!