Last edited 31 Aug 2019

10 Ways to Save on Your Home Refurbishments

With the economic climate struggling and house prices either falling or stagnant, we are all looking at ways to save money and improve our lifestyles without spending a fortune.

Many of us during the winter months might redecorate indoors to help cheer up the lounge or bedrooms. Some of us may change the carpet or simply move around the furniture just to have a change - but what about the outside of your property? Why does this get neglected even though it is open to the weather?

The main reason for this neglect is simply down to lack of money to replace those tiredly old windows and guttering or the distress or having builders in to replace them and leave you with all of the mess.

However, there is another way of brightening up the exterior of your home, which is very eco-friendly and will save you a huge amount of money.

Instead of going through the trauma and expense of replacing your UPVC guttering, doors and windows think about having them professionally refurbished by a competent company who specialise in paint spraying UPVC home fixings.

Because our homes are the most expensive item in our lives, it is important to look after it with love and care. Every homeowner wants their property to have "curb appeal" and to feel proud of their home.

To get that "curb appeal" that you can be proud of, consider your downpipes & water collection tanks, guttering, windows, doors, and conservatory if you have one, by having them cleaned down, treated with a bonding chemical and then spray painted to any colour you wish - not just white. Of course, you can have the inside paint sprayed at the same time if your budget allows this.

If you worry about the longevity of this spray paint, there is no need to be concerned. The professional paint is guaranteed for 10 years against fading and 5 years against scratching and of course, it can be washed down to keep your home looking bright and cheerful.

The process is very simple, clean and quickly completed by friendly and trained professionals.

By following this advice, you will save more money than you expect. You won't have the hassle of windows being pulled out and replaced, followed by all the extra decorating you will need to do around the insides of the windows and doors. There is no throwing away UPVC in our landfill sites and damaging the environment and the best part is, you can choose a different colour to all of your neighbours' property - you can stand out from the crowd.

Whilst we are on the subject of money-saving tips around your home, another consideration is to re-spray your kitchen doors and drawers instead of pulling out the old units and having the unnecessary expense of having a new kitchen fitted.

Again, the colour possibilities are immense and you can choose your favourite colour to suit your tastes and your home styling. The beautiful satin finish will help reflect light and is guaranteed for 5 years against scratches and 10 years against fading - by that time, it will be time to change the colour once again!

The two main advantages of this process are first, you can save several thousand pounds by refurbishing rather than replacing. Secondly, whilst the doors and drawers are away being painted to the colour of your choice, you are left with the cabinets still fully in place so this eases disruption to your family living.

Picking new kitchen that won't break the budget yet at the same time looks classy.

The first activity is to consider the sort of property you own and what sort of kitchen would fit. Also, you need to consider the sort of individual you are and what you like in terms of style because that will flow through the rest of the property. You have to ensure if you're a modern kind of individual so that you can make sure the kitchen is smooth and sleek. It must match the rest of the style else you'll find up in a circumstance where things don't look as good as they could. This isn't perfect if you intend to live in the place long term and surely not helpful in case you're planning to sell. A lot of the sale value of the property rests with the quality and selection of a kitchen. So when you are selecting this kitchen make sure that you’re totally focused on the idea of what would fit into your decor plans.

What a bathroom can do for your property refurbishment

One of the most significant rooms in your property is the restroom. When you're thinking about selling a property then your renovation task will rely on two things, one is a kitchen and the other is the restroom. In the bathroom you really want to make things stand out. Most people are now looking to incorporate beautiful quality tiles and even marble if the budget allows.

One of the most beautiful things in the bathroom is a floor standing bathtub. One that has cast iron legs and ceramic. They look stunning and they just sit there in the middle of the bathroom and it’s a perfect feature that looks amazing and only costs about £1,000 for a lower-end one. Obviously there’s a big problem with these in terms of their space requirement. You can’t really get away with having one of these unless you’ve really got one of those nice big open space bathrooms. If you don’t have a really big bathroom than it actually might make sense to installs a shower, hence saving the space.

Overall when you consider saving money on a home refurbishment you’ve got to make sure that you really take care of the kitchen and bathroom. The other rooms in the house can fall into place.