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The use of Stylite EPS Geofill in rail embankments

Geofill Rail Embankments.jpg

The high strength-to-weight ratio of EPS Geofill provides a cost-effective solution to withstand the cyclic loads encountered in railway embankments. It also speeds up construction times which are often vital on railway lines, to avoid disrupting commuters.

Rail embankments designed with EPS Geofill can prevent settlement on soft ground conditions whereas heavy traditional fill materials would cause settlement problems on site. In addition, conventional techniques used to strengthen the foundation soils and reduce settlements will add time and cost to projects.

[Image: Example of rail embankment construction]

Rail Embankment.jpg

[edit] Some of the key benefits of EPS Geofill include:

  • Lightweight compared to other fills
  • High compressive strength
  • Easy to install and cut on-site
  • Lower overall cost of construction
  • Reduced loads on underlying ground
  • Reduced construction programmes
  • Available in standard or bespoke blocks
  • Minimal water absorption & permeability
  • Resistant to rot & durable
  • 100% recyclable
  • No HFC’s, CFC’s or HCFC’s

--Styrene Packaging and Insulation Ltd 12:47, 16 Jan 2018 (BST)

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