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The HIVE is a building project developed at the Building Research Park designed to support research into construction materials.

The Building Research Park is an open-to-the-elements facility at Wroughton Airfield, that offers the capability of full-scale research into building materials and systems using 16 re-configurable research buildings. It is part of the BRE Centre for Innovative Construction Materials (BRE CICM).

The HIVE aims to answer fundamental questions about the resilience and performance of sustainable materials. It looks at pre-prototype solutions at Technology Readiness Level 2-5, carrying out the fundamental research that will influence industry practice and enable the uptake of innovative products and solutions. The facility is open to researchers across the world and has been designed to be completely flexible.

Facilities include:

Projects underway at the HIVE include:

  • Investigating photo-catalytic materials to harvest ambient light to generate energy.
  • ECOSEE, which aims to enlarge the market for bio-based materials with negative carbon impact.
  • The HEMPSEC project for market replication of a pre-fabricated hemp-lime system.


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