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Stairs nosing

Approved Document K - Protection from falling, collision and impact defines the ‘nosing’ of stairs as ‘the leading edge of a stair tread’.

The pitch of stairs is the angle of inclination between the horizontal and a line connecting the nosings.


[Image: The elements of stairs]

For buildings other than dwellings, step nosings should be made visually apparent by using a contrasting material on both the tread and the riser a minimum of 55mm wide. If possible, step nosings that protrude over the tread below should be avoided. If the nosing does protrude, it should be by no more than 25mm


[Image: Examples of suitable tread profiles]

For common access areas in buildings that contain flats step nosings should be visually apparent, using a material that contrasts visually, 50mm to 65mm wide on the tread and 30mm to 55mm on the riser. A suitable tread nosing profile, should be used.

On an alternating tread stairs alternating steps should be uniform with parallel nosings.

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