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Lime mortar for conservation

Sand for preparing mortar 290.jpg

The focus is generally on the lime binder, but the aggregate is actually the most significant element.

Stone consolidants

Decayed stone 290.jpg

Consolidating weathered stone can be a frustrating exercise of hope over experience.

Book review

Specifications for Building Conservation Volume 1 290.jpg

Specifications for Building Conservation - External Structure. A valuable technical handbook.

Exeter Cathedral


Two historic quarries in environmentally sensitive areas were reopened to repair Exeter Cathedral.

Sourcing stone

The old manor house 290.jpg

How do you find the right stone to conserve historic buildings?

Works to listed buildings

Demolition or alteration 290.jpg

Do you know when works to listed buildings are alterations rather than demolition?

100 Sustainable Scottish Buildings

100 Sustainable Scottish Buildings.jpg

Thoughtful responses to social, economic and environmental sustainability. Book review.

Castle Rushen Quarterdeck

Castle Rushen Quarterdeck 290a.jpg

Restoring and finding a new use for a significant site in front of Castle Rushen.

When mistakes become heritage

Venice cropped 290.jpg

Conservation in the heritage cities of Venice and Liverpool.

Armitage Rigby

Houses at Little Switzerland 290.jpg

An overlooked architect who deserves to be celebrated for his wide range of buildings.

Archaeology and conservation

DJI Inspire 2 drone 290.jpg

Technological advancement and professionalisation have brought new ways to investigate, analyse and interpret.

The TT landscape

The TT Races and the landscape 290.jpg

A symbiotic relationship has developed between the TT Races and the island’s landscape.

Traditional construction materials

Ballachrink 290.png

The Isle of Man’s naturally-occurring materials and distinctive building techniques.