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Conservation of transport infrastructure

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A tapestry of continued use, new use, preservation, dismantlement, dereliction and abandonment.

The landscapes of Cambridge

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The quality of Cambridge owes as much to its open spaces as to its architectural uniqueness.

Congestion in historic cities

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The same area of road can move 4,400 people an hour by car, 14,400 by bike, or 66,000 by tram.

Homes of the South Downs

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Michael Scammell reviews ‘Traditional Homes of the South Downs National Park’, an introduction that will surprise, entertain and inform.

Energy efficiency and comfort

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The proceedings of the second international conference on energy efficiency and comfort of historic buildings are made freely-available online.

Conservation and development

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Dennis Rodwell reviews; Urban Heritage, Development and Sustainability: international frameworks, national and local guidance.

Towns and cities in history

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1961 saw the publication of three important books about urban design that remain relevant today.

The country house

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A collection of essays published by Historic England consider country houses from the perspective of material culture and consumption.

What makes a heritage-at-risk officer?

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The dogged tenacity of a detective, and the calm demeanour of a diplomat.

Re-use of historic prisons

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The heritage significance of the historic prison estate.

Rebuilding and reconciliation in Homs

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The reconstruction of damaged religious buildings has given impetus to rebuilding the city’s communities.

Conservative surgery in Edinburgh

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Throughout the 20th century, Edinburgh and its council wavered between ‘conservative surgery’ and more sweeping solutions.

Alacrity and planning

A planning appeal has been rejected because the appellant had not demonstrated ‘alacrity’.