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Book review

Photographing historic buildings.jpg

Photographing Historic Buildings, by the former head of photography at English Heritage.

Floors of medieval churches

Tiles in the retrochoir in Winchester Cathedral.jpg

Mosaics, patterned tiles, stone paving and commemorative stones can be found underfoot in our great medieval churches.

Heritage, Conservation and Communities

Heritage conservation and communities.jpg

Book review: Approaches to community engagement and case studies from Yorkshire to Japan.

Britain's historic paving

River cobbles.jpg

Like vernacular buildings, paving can tell us about local distinctiveness and Britain’s complex geology.

Empire building

Architecture and Urbanism in the British Empire.png

Book review – a series of essays about architecture and urbanism in the British Empire.

History of listed buildings

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From the humble to the splendid, listing brings beauty and culture to social and economic life.

Britain's Lost Churches

Britain's Lost Churches.jpg

Book review: The forgotten holy sites of Britain’s Christian past, by Matthew Hyde.

Conservation of transport infrastructure

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A tapestry of continued use, new use, preservation, dismantlement, dereliction and abandonment.

The landscapes of Cambridge

Westcott House Old Court Lawn 290a.jpg

The quality of Cambridge owes as much to its open spaces as to its architectural uniqueness.

Congestion in historic cities

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The same area of road can move 4,400 people an hour by car, 14,400 by bike, or 66,000 by tram.

Homes of the South Downs

Traditional Homes of the South Downs National Park.png

Michael Scammell reviews ‘Traditional Homes of the South Downs National Park’, an introduction that will surprise, entertain and inform.

Energy efficiency and comfort

Energy Efficiency and Comfort of Historic Buildings.jpg

The proceedings of the second international conference on energy efficiency and comfort of historic buildings are made freely-available online.

Conservation and development

Urban Heritage Development and Sustainability 290.jpg

Dennis Rodwell reviews; Urban Heritage, Development and Sustainability: international frameworks, national and local guidance.