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Listed buildings and other heritage assets

Listed Buildings and Other Heritage Assets.jpg

Review of the bible for heritage assets and their management.

Conservation, climbing and graffiti

Pongo 290.jpg

Dealing with marginalised heritage at Dumbarton Rock.

Volunteers and heritage

Working with volunteers to care for heritage 290.jpg

Can democratising heritage and balancing budgets coexist?

Building a Crossing Tower

Building a crossing tower.png

Drawings of an unbuilt design for Rouen Cathedral – book review.

Alternative futures for heritage

COVRA nucelar waste repository 290.png

Assembling, curating, caring for, and designing the future.

Loving heritage to death

The Admiralty pier at Throsk 290.png

A conversation between David Mitchell and Caitlin DeSilvey.

The Past and Future City

The Past and Future City.png

How historic preservation is reviving America’s communities. IHBC book review.

Restoring Westminster's ventilation

Palace of westminster ventilation system 290.png

How research can provide a better understanding of technology in historic buildings.

Conservation matters

An ethnographic approach to conservation 290.png

An ethnographic approach to conservation of the historic environment.

Douglas Sea Terminal Building

Douglas Sea Terminal Building 290.png

One of the Isle of Man’s best 1960s buildings.

Heritage sector cuts survey

Impact of heritage sector local authority funding cuts in south west England.png

Despite the reduction in staffing, most users remain satisfied with the service.

The Great Barn at Harmondsworth

The Great Barn of 1425 to 27 at Harmondsworth.png

John Betjeman described it as one of the ‘noblest medieval barns in the whole of England’.

TCPA 1968

24 High Street Bath 290.png

It is 50 years since the Town and Country Planning Act introduced effective protection for listed buildings.

The Lost House Revisited

The Lost House Revisted.png

An artist finds ruined and decaying buildings a source of inspiration for his work. Book review.

Fibrous plaster ceilings

Fibrous ceiling 290.png

How the risk of collapse of fibrous plaster ceilings is being addressed in theatres.

Hot-mixed mortars

Hot mix mortar 290.jpg

The last few years have seen renewed interest in traditional mortars and hot mixing.

Making magnificence

Making magnificence 290.png

Architects, stuccatori and the eighteenth-century interior. IHBC book review.